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Sliding Windows

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors is proficient in manufacturing uPVC single and double glazed horizontal sash windows. It has a 2 track 2 panel or more that slide horizontally  making it a much easy and convenient option than crank-style windows. Sliding windows are preferred choice for modern architectural designs and suitable for places fronting pathways, doorways or courtyards.

ZealCon adds value to its sliding uPVC windows with a sash which makes it much taller and stronger. The team has sensibly raised the sash slides to restrict incoming of dust. We also offer a combination of fixed and sash windows that are fastened with a connector.

Apart from this it has a mosquito netting embedded in it keeping in view our regional climate.

Openable Windows

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors fabricates an extensive range of uPVC single and double glazed openable window units in varied contemporary designs that offer both inward and outward openings. uPVC openable bespoke casement windows are available in fixed and openable combinations. It is best for use in modern day purpose built constructions as it allows maximum light inlet and air tightness. uPVC openable or casement windows comes with a mosquito netting keeping in mind the local climate.

Arch Windows

ZealCon uPVC single and double glazed arch shaped windows brings splendor, gentleness and contrasting effect to the interior and exterior of the buildings due to its striking shape and feature of allowing maximum light and air. These are available in casement, sliding and fixed varieties.

ZealCon further enhances the arch window designs by adding Georgian bars on client’s request to give its uPVC windows a French demeanor.

Bay Type Windows

The most-loved design of ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors is the single or double glazed uPVC bay window which artistically protrudes out of the main wall of the building structure, forming a nook in the interior of the chamber. Such windows add elegance and appeal to both modern and orthodox buildings but are usually associated with Victorian style structures.

uPVC bay windows are distinguished due to its multi-chamber design that considerably cuts down energy loss and ensures enhanced security. It is ideal for small spaces and enhanced views.

Openable Doors

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors fabricates world-class quality uPVC openable doors for its valued clients.

ZealCon’s uPVC double glazed openable or casement doors has uPVC panels and  glass thickness ranging from 5mm to 22mm that provides the highest security, best  insulation and minimum energy losses.

Sliding Door

ZealCon uPVC sliding doors allows maximum air and light inlet.  The sliding uPVC double glazed doors consists of glass panels, horizontal bands and breakers at its bottom. It being among the best uPVC doors is a preferred option for spacious areas like halls etc.

It is distinguished due to it’s outclass features including convenience to operate, better ventilation, energy saving, appealing appearance and easy maintenance.

Double Glazing

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Door’s premium quality double glazed glass is a prized product of the market as it rolls a layer of inert gas between two glasses making it completely airtight and thermally insulated. It is highly useful for cutting down energy losses and utility bills.

Double glazed glass provides best sound and thermal insulation which is a great demand of modern day homes today.

Tempered Glass

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors supplies the superlative variety of tempered glass that is highly recommended for use in homes and commercial constructions to ascertain added security. It is the most popular kind of tough glass which is duly processed through heat and chemicals to improve its sturdiness. It is also a smart choice for windshields and similar projects demanding high durability.

Water detection Services

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors is distinguished for offering the most accurate water detection services to its patrons using state-of-the-art specialised detectors. The detector apparatuses use active and passive scans to measure ground resistivity, visualize data in 3d graphics and evaluate it.

ZealCon’s water detection services include identifying ground water, underground watercourses or any other buried water deposits on either ground levels or mountainous areas.

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