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Why uPVC

Why uPVC

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors reduces noise up to 20-25dB which ensures stress-free and peaceful environments. This helps in progressing sleep, improving work environment and elevating concentration levels of people. This valuable addition to your building will surely boosts its re-sale value.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors provide high thermal insulation, does not conduct heat or cold unlike aluminium windows and maintain a consistent internal temperature. Such efficient windows and doors can saves energy and resources and reduce utility bills up to 30%.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors is an exclusive tropical mix compound which repels UV rays and have high impact resistance. It can endure long exposures to extreme weather conditions like blistering sun storms, aridity and dense humidity without being affected. So, it is the best solution for summers and winters.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors’ twin layered sealing does not allow any dust and pollution inside. This makes the surroundings completely dust-free and clean.  Also, it does not let microbes to enter the building ascertaining hygiene and better health.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors are fabricated with strong fire resistant polymers that validate self-extinguishing and non-spontaneous explosion features, making it a sensible choice for the commercial buildings.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors are not prone to termite or other parasites unlike wooden products. uPVC is a synthetic product and does not necessitate periodical termite or parasite control procedures.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors are best for humid or extreme weather conditions as they remains unaffected by rain, wind, salt corrosion, heat or cold. So it does not rot, rust, blister, or flake making it a perfect option for coastal dwellers.

ZealCon provides high security from burglars and injuries in buildings through its safe breakage high grade tempered and impact-resistant laminated glass installed in their uPVC windows and doors.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors fabrication process entails thermal welding the joints and the double layering the rubber gasket seals that powerfully resists water inlet unlike aluminium products. Our products are tested with a pressure of 300PA, so have strong joints that does not let driving rain or water inside.

ZealCon uPVC double glazed windows and doors are tough having a lifespan of up to 40 to 50 years. uPVC products does not require any maintenance like sanding, painting or varnishing with time. Also, uPVC products are naturally unaffected by moistness, atmospheric changes, cast or mildew which makes them highly durable and UV resistant, implying that they will never dwindle in the intolerant sunshine.

uPVC is a non-toxic and recyclable material which requires less energy in manufacturing than its metal alternatives. Moreover, it has a lifespan of 40-80 years and a safe disposal which means it supports eco balance. Studies reveal that uPVC has significantly contributed towards diminishing the environmental impacts that were being instigated by commercial buildings.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors are lead-free and its efficient insulation limits the effects of high UV rays and temperatures. Its dust-proof and sound-proof properties help to reduce seasonal allergies and ensure stress-free environments making it the right choice for health.

uPVC, a highly essential polymer offers unique, cutting-edge and vast product designs which are versatile and can be easily personalised according to individual preferences and construction project requirements.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors are highly preferred for multi-purpose construction structures.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors have unique attractive designs that can be suitably customised according to customers’ preferences. Our products are characterised by suave finish and curved edges that are available in a great variety of designs making it a hallmark of your building.

Zealcon uPVC Doors and Windows provides a one-window solution to its customers making their experience completely trouble-free. Our services entail fabricating an exclusive range of uPVC windows and doors, site analysis, design support, free-of-cost professional consultation, delivery and installation at the site.

ZealCon uPVC Windows and Doors firmly believes that after sales services are as essential as the product itself. Our remarkable services are a trademark of excellence and recurring bonds with the customers. Our service team is friendly, efficient and responsive which is always eager to serve the customers. No doubt we are committed at developing, fabricating and installing quality products and offering our clienteles an exceptional service.